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Training Safe & Keeping Healthy at West River Karate

Sensei is thrilled to be re-opening the dojo. In doing so, the first priority is the safety of everyone entering dojo, students and parents alike.


To ensure the safety of the students and their families, here are the measures that are being put in place.
Dojo Cleaning Protocol

• Sensei will be continuing to clean the dojo floors everyday.
• An ozone system will be utilized to further disinfect the dojo.
Coming & Leaving Class

• Parents dropping their children to class, will not be permitted to stay in the class, if they need to stay, they must wait outside. If parents do need to come in, wearing a mask is appreciated.
• Classes will end approximately 10 mins. earlier to allow time between dismissal, clean up, and exit/entry of the students.
• Once classes are finished, there will be no entry from those attending the next class until all those in the previous class have left. In turn, there will also be no re-entry for those from the previous class who have already left. So please make sure to take everything with you.
• Before entering & exiting the dojo, please use the hand sanitizer at the designated area by the entrance of the dojo.
• The washrooms/changing rooms will ONLY be designated as washrooms for the time being. Students are to come to dojo already in their gis.
• Please refrain from visiting the dojo if you are not feeling well, regardless of symptoms. If you are unwell, please stay home and recover, until you are cleared by a physician to return.
• If anyone in your household is also sick, please refrain from coming to the dojo.
During Class

• We will also NOT be doing group kumite/sparring drills until it is safe to do so.
• Kumite practice will be limited to bag or pad drills only.
• We will NOT be borrowing or sharing gloves. Please remember to bring you own kumite gear, to and from the dojo for every class.
• Disinfecting wipes are provided at the dojo for the students to clean their sparring gear after use before packing away. If targets, bags or shields are used in class, they will be disinfected and wiped down immediately after use and stored away properly.
• We will maintain a 2 tatami length (2metres away) from each other during basics and warm-ups and of course be at an appropriate distance apart during kata trainings.
Other Dojo Protocols

• We are aware that it is also allergy season, please cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, and immediately wash your hands.
• Please practice good hygiene by washing your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with soap and water.
• As for our class format, we will keep it roughly the same, with the exception NO free sparring for the time being in order to prevent close contact.
• Please keep your water bottles close by so that we can limit the amount of movement in the dojo in order to maintain proper physical distance.
• The tatamis at the dojo are anti-microbial, and there are no issues training bare footed since no one puts their foot in their mouths or eyes, but in case anyone is concerned, dojo approved martial arts shoes will be permitted in the dojo. If anyone is interested in a pair, please contact Sensei.
• DROP-IN classes will NOT permitted at this time as we will have to adjust class sizes appropriately to accommodate everyone properly.
• If you have travelled outside of Canada, it is now a requirement by the health authorities of Canada to self quarantine yourself for a minimum of 14 days.
Sensei is continuing to monitor this situation closely, and will do what is in the best interest of the dojo in order to keep everyone safe. Sensei urges that everyone that is part of the West River Dojo family please do your part in the dojo to do the same.
• You can protect yourself, your family, and your community.
• Practice regular hand hygiene.
• Practice proper physical distancing.
• Practice respiratory etiquette.
• Seek proper medical advice should you need it.

Welcome to West River Karate

West River mission statement

To edify, encourage, and make evident to our students that accomplishment is the journey of life, not the destination.

Every situation has a positive aspect; it is our task to find it. Approach each obstacle with focus, determination, perseverance and an optimistic attitude. Achieve this, and success will be yours.

– Sensei Kenny Lim

Our popular classes

Little Ninja’s Karate

This programs curriculum focuses on improving preschool age children’s basic motor and listening skills. Each child will learn the basic fundamentals of karate; punches, kicks and forms in a safe and friendly space. Our program will enhance positive development in a fun and motivating way.

Novice Karate

Beginner Level for all ages over 6 years old.

Intermediate Karate

Level-up from novice, continue your karate education with the intermediate level.

What our clients say

Our dojo

West River Karate began in 2006 with the dreams and aspiration of Sensei Kenny Lim to share the Hayashi Ryu Karate-Do system of karate.   A proven champion at a young age, Sensei Lim teaches the hard work ethic, respect and perseverance needed to advance in both karate and in life.  West River Karate is located in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia, and we have been a big part of the community for children and teenagers of all ages.