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West River Mission Statement

To edify, encourage, and make evident to our students that accomplishment is the journey of life, not the destination.

Every situation has a positive aspect; it is our task to find it. Approach each obstacle with focus, determination, perseverance and an optimistic attitude. Achieve this, and success will be yours.

- Sensei Kenny Lim

West River Karate's 10 Steps To Competition Success

1. Never underestimate your opponent.
2. Work on your weakness until they become your strengths.
3. Remember that a great effort is usually the result of a great attitude.
4. Dedicate yourself to a mighty purpose.
5. Win with humility, lose with grace.
6. Do not ask to be deprived of attention and discipline - these are the tools that shape success.
7. Work to improve your moral and spiritual strengths as well as your physical ones.
8. Remember, when you're not working to improve, your competition is.
9. Do what has to be done, when is has to be done, and as well as it can be done.
10. Talent is God-given - Be humble! Fame is man-given - Be Thankful! Conceit is self-given- Be careful!
- H. Jackson Brown, Jr. "A Hero in Every Heart"

Dojo Kun (Dojo Rules)

1. Be moderate and courteous.
2. Be righteous and have a strong sense of justice.
3. Be modest in your word and actions.
4. Respect others.
5. Karate-Do is a life time study.



Karate Canada National Championships
Friday-Sunday, January 17th-19th, 2014 at the Richmond Oval
Everyone is welcome to come and watch! Come and cheer for your dojo!



Please sign up on our West River Karate member's only!!! There you will be able to print out your appropriate Kyu Syllabus and Dojo Hand Book!!!



Website Re-registration Hi everyone, as most of you know that the website was down for a couple of days and we have lost all of our database, while the website was up within a few days the database for our members are all lost and wasn't fully fixed until today. I apologize for any of the inconvenience and would like to ask you to register again. Thank you very much for all of your patience and hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here!

Kindest Regards, Leah



Zone 5 Qualification Tournament Everyone competing at the Zone 5 Qualifiers this coming weekend are to meet at the Hollyburn Country Club at 8:30am SHARP!!!
The competition will begin at 9:00am, Sunday, April 6th, 2014.
Hollyburn Country Club 950 Cross Creek Road West Vancouver, B.C., V7S 2S5


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