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2nd Annual Dojo Potluck

Jul 22, 2018

Hi Everyone,

The 2nd Annual Dojo BBQ will again be held on July 29th at King George Park in Richmond.

It will be from 9am onward. It will be a potluck like the year before, so please bring some food to share with the rest of the Dojo.  Sensei will be bringing hotdogs.

Everyone who is part of the Dojo is invited.  Hope to see you all there.

There is a sign up sheet at the Dojo, please take the time to sign up if you are coming so that we can have an idea of how many people will be joining as well as what you will be bringing.


Thanks so much!



Auto Invoicing

Jun 6, 2018

Hi Parents,

Some of you may have received an invoice that is a few months old. Please disregard that and the date to it.  I am currently trying to lighten my invoice work load by doing recurring invoicing.  But since I usually put the Month and Year as the subject to better separate them, you may be receiving invoices that is dated to April or May etc.  I will manually go in and change it to the proper month and year once payment has been received.

Thank you very much for understanding.



Competition Fee

Nov 30, 2017

Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder that if you or your child is competing this coming weekend or any tournament, there is a $15 competition fee per person to be paid to Sensei Kenny.  SO if you have not paid the competition fee, please have that paid to Sensei Kenny by Saturday.

Thank you.




Hoodie Orders

Nov 24, 2017

Hi Everyone,

We will be placing hoodie orders again this year please go to Sensei and let him know if you would like to order a hoodie.  We do not order a bunch and keep stock, so once you miss out, there will be no chance to get them.


Thank you,



Last Day for Registration

Nov 16, 2017

Hello Everyone,

Hopefully you’ve all registered for the upcoming provincial championships for the Dec 2/3 weekend at the Richmond Olympic Oval. If you have not, you have till the end of today to do so.
Athletes trying out for a spot on the BC Team DO NOT need to register for the advanced divisions.Only the ELITE divisions will qualify you a spot on the BC Squad roster. Please follow the link below to register yourselves.
Anyone who is planning on participating at the BCWG tryouts at the Peretz Centre on December 10th, needs to register via the link below:
If you have any questions regarding registration please text,email, or talk to Sensei directly at the dojo
Sensei Kenny


Saturday Oct 28th Tournament

Oct 25, 2017

Hi Everyone,

For all the competitors this coming Saturday Oct 28th, the tournament starts at 8:00AM, so please be at BCIT Venue by 7:30AM.

Thank you and see you all there!

Sunday Oct 15th

Oct 11, 2017

Hi Everyone,

This coming Sunday Oct 15th, Sensei will be out of town for a Karate tournament. Senpai Tan will only be running the Little Ninja’s and Novice Class that day.
For intermediate students who normally goes to the Sunday Class, please make it up on a different day.

As mentioned in our previous email, we do not provide discount or refund for any missed class.

Thank you,



Upcoming Tournament and Competition Fee

Oct 1, 2017

Hello Everyone,

Tournament season is upon us and there are a few changes to this year’s format for the dojo. Tournament and travel expenses have always come out of sensei’s on own pocket for the last 12 years as well as an abundance of time and energy on the day off the actual tournament as well as administration work. Parking fees, gas, food, etc… Sempai’s also provide their time and energies to these tournaments without fail.

For the past 2 years, a few select parents have been kind enough to cover some of the hotel costs for sensei for the few out of town tournaments, and everyone that participated has benefitted from this, but have not contributed. Needless to say, it is not exactly fair. As of this year, anyone who will be on the dojo competition team and competing will be paying a competition team fee.

  •  Local competitions will be $15 per competitor on top of the tournament registration fees.
  • Out of town tournaments, will be $25 per competitor on top of the tournament registration fees.

For the remaining competitions for the year, please follow these guidelines.

  •  West Coast Open (Tacoma)

Please register online at

Upon completion of registration, please pay your competition team fee to     sensei. As for hotels, if you are staying over the night before, please feel free to book any hotel. Just confirm with sensei once you have arrived in the vicinity in the evening. Competition will begin at 8:30AM SHARP!!! Please be there by 8:00AM SHARP!!!

  • Western Canadian Martial Arts Championships (Burnaby)

Please register online at

Upon completion of registration, please pay your competition team fee to sensei. Competition will begin at 9:30AM for junior competitors, and 11:00AM for adult competitors. Please be there by 8:50AM SHARP for junior competitors, and 10:30 SHARP for adult competitors.

  • Championship Karate Weekend (Burnaby)

Please register with sensei for this one. Pay for your tournament registration as well as your competition team fee at the same time.

Team Kata division will begin at 6:00PM on Friday the 27th

Individual events will begin at 10:00AM on the Saturday the 28th

Please be there 30 mins before the start times.


Karate BC Individual Membership Fees

Sep 17, 2017

When signing up for KarateBC membership. Please follow the link attached and follow these directions.

1. Next to the “Karate BC #” there is the word “LOOKUP”. Click this link.
2. This should pull up a second window. Enter the following information, First Name, Last Name, Sex, and Birth Year and hit SUBMIT
3. This should pull your renewal information into the original page after the pop window disappears.
4. Continue to fill in the rest of the page with your information.
5. Proceed to “STEP 2” and confirm and finish payment of membership for the year. DONE!

6. If your information is not available please just begin a new registration and proceed as instructed.

Karate BC Competitors

Sep 12, 2017

Hi Karate BC competitors,

As you all know, there is a Mandatory Training for Karate BC Competitors this coming September 23rd.  Any competitors that plan to compete this 2017-2018 competition year is required to sign the KBC waiver forms and then please return to Sensei Kenny Lim by this Sunday Sept 17th.

Also, this year for the renewing members you can pay your individual KBC Membership fees online.  KBC will be sending you an email directly to make your payment.

Any new KBC Competitors for this year, please use the link below to make your KBC membership payment. 

Medical Waiver Form  Medical Waiver Form

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